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Radicare Ventures is committed to fostering safe, clean communities in Calgary by specializing in the revitalization of troubled areas. Our expert team excels in urban litter cleanup, managing social disorder, and offering compassionate support to those in need. We are dedicated to enhancing neighborhoods and creating a better world, one area at a time.

More On Our General Staff

RadiCare Ventures is dedicated to empowering individuals facing employment barriers. Our diverse team embodies resilience, with members who have triumphed over adversity, from overcoming homelessness to navigating recovery.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Meet the inspiring leaders driving RadiCare Ventures forward. From innovative strategies to compassionate guidance, our team of visionaries is dedicated to breaking barriers and fostering empowerment.

Bill Zheng

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Kristen Campbell


Vakul Sharma

Operations Manager

Staff Testimonials

“RadiCare has helped me stay clean by giving me a purpose in life; they have given me the experience to put on my resume, helping shape my goals of getting a full-time job”


General Staff

“Before I came to RadiCare it was hard to find work; it has gotten me out of the slump of everyday life”


General Staff

“I was homeless before joining RadiCare, but here I found safety and comfort. I like working, and most people appreciate the work we do.”


General Staff

A radical approach to end poverty

Revenue generated through RadiCare Ventures supports the operation of RadiCalgary Society, a non-profit organization serving people experiencing systemic vulnerabilities. This is done through a community festival, the Calgary Pop-Up Care Village, and a mobile hygiene initiative, which brings on the go shower and toilet facilities to people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

We radi-care about our community

Certified Social Enterprise

RadiCare Ventures is a certified social enterprise through Buy Social Canada. This certification ensures that the company reinvests a minimum of 51% of its profits into its mission or donates to nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, the company’s articles stipulate that if RadiCare is ever sold, it must be to a nonprofit, social enterprise, community association, or Business Improvement Area. This commitment guarantees that RadiCare's values and mission will continue to guide its operations.

Flexible Plans and Scheduling

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